A basic truth about empires is that they have life spans just as people have life spans. They have a "breakout" or birth, a period of rapid growth and development (and heaven help anyone who is in the way!), eventually reaching a period of maturity with trade routes laid down, a single governing structure and administrative system, a single language and culture with sets of expectations for most of their citizens (or defining ethos), and a set of recognized defining achievements.

Then things begin to go off the rails little by little. They grow comfortable and complacent. Money and its…

The LOA works, but not the way most people think.

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The Law of Attraction (LOA). All manner of descriptions of it are floating around the success coaching world. Some of the caricatures seem a bit unfair: “Tell the universe your deepest desires, and the universe will conspire to make it happen!”

As if “the universe” is a living, conscious being that loves you and cares for you.

Goes without saying, that’s not going to get you very far in the real world.

The LOA often incorporates meditation, creative visualizations of various sorts including vision boards, and is associated with popular films like The Secret. Tony Robbins is noted for preaching…

Don’t! Unless you plan with great care!

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The other day, a friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page:

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Science fiction can be great fun. I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid. But now, as an adult with an academic career behind me, I’ve come to realize that there’s more to it than fun and games. Much more.

Here are a few quotations from seven great films of the past 70 years guaranteed to make you wonder: is this just science fiction?

The coronavirus scare may be opening a very interesting door….

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And in today, already walks tomorrow.” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Imagine: a world of abundance, like something out of a dream, only it’s real. Pinch yourself. What you’re seeing is still there.

An abundance of clean water, clean air, healthy food, and a minimal need for health care (the costs of which have therefore dropped like a rock).

Housing — no McMansions — but comfortable and attractive living spaces showing how 3D-printing has evolved!

Lots of green in between….

Vertical farms rising…. Tended by robots requiring minimal human oversight. Robots don’t need or ask for wages, of course.

It’s a world…

Last night I had a dream. As insights go, it was a lulu!

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It’s rare that we get solid insight from a dream, but it does happen. As I write, it happened to me last night — a wake-up call, literally as well as figuratively, as I was awake the rest of the night.

This was the dream. My wife and I were with another couple, staying in a large house. Like we were on vacation.

The other couple had a boy, aged 12 or 13.

A slightly husky kid with scruffy blond hair and a lot of energy.

He was lamenting all the freedoms we adults have that kids don’t.

I think…

This can be a time of exploration, discovery, reconnection, and growth. If you choose it to be.

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Okay, you’re quarantined, at home, and maybe wondering what to do with yourself.

There’s a debate going on, and maybe you’ve caught some of it. All of a sudden a lot of people aren’t working. Maybe you’re one. So what do you do with all this time you suddenly have on your hands?

Take a break? Sit around? Watch TV? Play video games on your phone? Drink a six-pack? Get some extra sleep? Look for a new gig?

Surf the web for the latest COVID-19 numbers?

Not the best idea, any of those, for a lot of reasons. Especially not…

What Primary Prevention is, why it is important to practice it during this crisis, and how it could solve the health care cost crisis in the U.S.

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What is Primary Prevention, and why is it important in what may well be remembered as the Coronavirus Crisis of 2020?

First, although it’s not in my profile, I earned a public health degree back in the late ’90s — specifically, a degree in Health Promotion and Education. I mention this only to establish credibility for what follows. …

You shouldn’t do all the heavy-lifting yourself.

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You’ve written a book or an ebook, and you’re happy with it. You’ve poured months or maybe years of time and energy into what you hope is a masterpiece.

You understand, moreover, that the publishing world’s undergone a seismic shift in the past few years.

No longer do writers seek out agents and hope to land a big deal with Simon & Schuster. Especially not if they’re in any kind of a hurry, which most of us are these days.

They go instead to one of any number of the self-publishing platforms out there: CreateSpace.com

Is it mostly BS? A Response To Umair Haque

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Yesterday, Umair Haque’s article “Why Self-Help Is (Mostly) Self-Destructive BS” came up in my feed. I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind.

Is self-help really as bad as he suggests? Is it really harmful, toxic, self-destructive?

As someone who’s been studying the success industry for the past couple of years, done some writing about it, and sought out the help of a couple of success coaches, I think I can shed some light on the topic.

My Story….

My story: I’m a born writer. I think I literally was…

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I write about philosophy, life and self-help, current affairs, the future, and every so often a little music.

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